CYQ very early gun serial number 21

CYQ 2nd variation with e/359 small parts serial number range 50-500

CYQ 3rd variation serial number range 500-1565d. 41,000 produced

CYQ 3rd variation with matched numbered holster - 3842c

CYQ with backward "c" on slide and carry permit dated 1946, full rig - 7476c

CYQ 4th variation "rig" serial number range 1584d-9804z. 120,000 produced

CYQ with capture papers and holster

CYQ 4th variation with asterisk

CYQ P38 number 1

CYQ "rig"

CYQ 5th variation FN frame serial number range 334x-1567x. 1,200 produced

CYQ 6th variation A prefix serial number range A1-B4835. 15,000 produced

Two CYQ b prefix 6th variations with consecutive serial numbers

Three CYQ b prefix 6th variations serial numbers b10, b12, b13

CYQ b prefix with one e/88 stamp

CYQ 0 series serial number range 01-07971. 8,000 produced

CYQ 0 series "Volkssturm" gun with capture papers, vet bring back items and a note from the vet.

Two 0 series with FN slides AC 43 and 44 stacked codes. 1,500 produced

8th variation serial number range 001-00100

Four CVQ 8th variation double 0 series. Extremely rare !